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I help bridal couples have an amazing, fun and stress free wedding day, capturing natural, wedding photography showing the beauty within the both of you. You want beautiful photos. You want me to help you capture where you are in life right now. So, please trust me with your memories, and I will tell a wonderful story about who you both are. I help to capture your present, so your future will know their past.

Elana Bailey Photography. Every day counts. Let me capture it for you.

I help to make people laugh, put them at ease and enjoy having their photos taken. I help to capture your incredible event or party with memories that you will cherish forever. 

Photography is about human interaction. There is beauty within YOU and I can see it. I have a space for it and I want to cherish it. I help to bring out the beauty within people.

I really see you. I see who you really are and reflect that back to you in my photography. I help you be who you want to be. That is my gift to you and my purpose in life. 

Please visit my portfolio for examples of my work or contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please complete the Contact Form, at the top of my website, to get in touch with me. For a warm, friendly, relaxed, affordable, fun, professional and quality service, please contact me on 0430 730452 today.

I can't wait to hear from you and meet you soon and to help you be who you want to be.

Every day counts. Let me capture it for you.