July 18, 2018

Engagement Parties are always fun and full of joy (and drinks) and Chloe and Robbie’s Engagement Party at the Lion Hotel on a Friday night in June, was no exception.

I first met Chloe and Robbie at an Engagement Portrait Session in April at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. I knew immediately that they were both really, special people and that they were both in love and meant to be together.

Chloe and Robbie met on Tinder and were chatting frequently but never met up. Robbie is in the Army and told Chloe that he was being deployed to Iraq, so Chloe decided that it was best to end it there, given the circumstances. Now, Chloe is a big watcher of Criminal Minds and she watch an episode where the agents were kidnapped and taken to an army base in Iraq and this made her think, what if this happens to Robbie! Oh no! So, she messaged him again and they began talking and did so every day for 6 months until December 2016, when she picked him up from Army base a few hours after he flew into Adelaide. They were both nervous at meeting in person for the first time, but gave each other a big hug and kiss and it felt right. Finally, they knew that they could be together in person instead of online and they went out to lunch together. From there, they spent every night together and 6 months later, Robbie moved in with Chloe.

The proposal – they went to Lake Bonney and whilst they were there, they decided to have a picnic. Before they left their cabin, Robbie said that he just needed to go back in to go to the toilet. This was really so that he could get Chloe’s Engagement ring. They walked to the river and sat on the grass and set up a picnic. Robbie said that this setting is so nice that I am going to take a photo and then he said, what would make it better would be if you married me!!! He proposed to Chloe with a dream ring that she had seen 6 months prior. She of course, said yes!

When you meet Chloe and Robbie you can truly see how in love they are and the patience that they have for each other. At work, they both look forward to seeing each other later that day and hope that this will always be the same.

Robbie loves Chloe’s compassion, kind nature, she brings a smile to his face even when she doesn’t mean to. Chloe wears her heart on her sleeve and will always go out of her way to help others. Chloe pushes Robbie to be a better person and brings out the best in him, allowing him to be himself around her. She continues to amaze him with her love and support and he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Chloe loves the way Robbie makes her laugh and how funny he is. He is so genuine with everything that he does and would never hurt anyone. He keeps Chloe grounded when she is busy and stressed.

So, the Engagement party at the Lion Hotel was loads of fun with friends and family enjoying the festivities. Chloe and Robbie loved their photos and experiences with me as their photographer, so they booked me, Elana Bailey Photography, for their wedding at Saltram Wines in Angaston for next October 2019. I can’t wait for their wedding, as I know that it is going to be as special as they are.

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