Rebecca and Adam's Wedding Story plus top tips for your Wedding Day

June 27, 2019


I met Adam, Rebecca and her mother at the Mawson Lakes Hotel Wedding Day. Rebecca was determined to find what she was looking for (vendors) and book them. I ended up photographing their wedding on 18th November 2017, which was so much fun. Here is their story….

Wedding Date: Saturday 18th November 2017

Ceremony: St Mary’s Catholic Church, Stanley Street, North Adelaide

Reception: Mawson Lakes Hotel, Mawson Lakes

How and when did you both meet?

They were 17 when they met and at a mutual friend’s party.

Tell me about your first date?

For their first date Adam took Rebecca to the movies to see Marley and Me. Then they went for a second date the next day to watch Seven Pounds.

What made Rebecca say yes to the second date?

Adam was very persistent and he was paying! But Rebecca is so happy that she said yes, now! Adam asked Rebecca out 3 times before she said yes to officially being his girlfriend. (She kept saying no)!!

Please, please, please tell me the proposal story

They were going on a cruise to New Zealand and it was their 7 year anniversary. Adam had hidden the ring in his suitcase. Rebecca had already advised Adam that when he proposed, that she didn’t want it to be in front of anyone. So, the night of their anniversary they went to dinner at one of the restaurants on the cruise ship and Adam had the ring in his pocket. After dinner, Adam took Rebecca outside and she was complaining it was too cold, so they went back to their room so she could change into some warmer clothes. Long story short, after a lot of complaining on Rebecca’s behalf as it was too cold up on the deck, Adam got down on one knee and proposed (and of course no one was around). It was perfect as they had two weeks to themselves to enjoy it before sharing the joy with their family and friends back home.

What do you want to remember about yourselves right now?

How they can always make each laugh and always have a good time.

What are some of your hobbies?

Adam regularly likes to exercise, at the gym or cycling, plays footy and cricket and currently has 2 racing greyhounds.

Rebecca – Loves shopping, going out for brunch and getting addicted to new shows on Stan!

Game of Thrones was also a big part of our lives for a long time so Rebecca would count that as a hobby!

What do you love most about your partner? Your answer and your partner's answer please.

Adam’s answer: I love how Bec can achieve anything she puts her mind to and it always there when I need support. She always makes an awesome curry!

Rebecca’s answer: I love that he supports me in my UNI studies. We both work full time and I am also studying. Adam does all the cooking, cleaning and gardening while he leaves me to study. I really have hit the jackpot!

What was your most favourite part of your wedding day?

The most favourite part of their day was being about to share the experience with their friends and family. Another incredible part of the day was that Rebecca’s mum made her wedding dress. So, that was very special and meant the world to Rebecca. It looked

What would you change if you could about your wedding day?

There is nothing that they would change about the day. Their only wish would be that it could have lasted longer, as it went way too quickly. Everyone said to them that it would go quickly, but you never really realise it until it’s your turn.

Was your wedding day how you planned it or if not, why was it not?

Their wedding day is everything they could have dreamed of.

Where did you go on honeymoon?

They spent 2 weeks in Hawaii about 2 months after their wedding. They spent a couple of days in Waikiki, then they went on a cruise for 7 nights around the islands and then spend 3 nights in Turtle Bay. It was amazing!

What is your top tip for couples planning their wedding?

Take your time to plan. Rebecca is a big planner. They had everything booked from the venue (Mawson Lakes Hotel), to the wedding photographer (Elana Bailey Photography), to the florist and cars etc. a minimum of 18 months in advance. They then set up payment plans for each of the vendors so when it came to the month of the wedding, they had only minimal amounts of money going out. This made it stress free and Rebecca enjoyed every inch on planning the incredible day.

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