What do I wear to my Engagement Photography Session this Summer?

September 21, 2018

I often get asked, what should I wear to my Engagement Photography Session this Summer, Elana?

This is what I suggest:

·Please wear neutral tones or block colours

·No loud colours like red, orange, yellow or busy patterns

·Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

· Flatter shoes are better as we will be walking around

·If it is colder, do bring a coat as you will be warmer and it can look snugly in photos. It can happen!!

·A nice touch is if you are colour co-ordinated with your fiancé.

·Smart casual is always good.

· Some brides to be, like to wear a white dress or skirt in honour of getting married and their partner a white shirt.

Ultimately, if your clothes represent who you both are as people and as a couple, then they will be perfect.

Please see the photos of examples of what past couples have worn that have really worked.

Every day counts. Let me capture it for you.


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