Lunchtime by the Seine in Paris - This was taken in Spring in Paris, France. This is an award winning photograph. This canvas print is available in 1 x...

What has been my best photography related win in 2016

December 1, 2016

OK, so it is the 1st of December today. A time where we are winding up for the year and looking towards 2017. What has been your best photography/business related win this year? Mine has been two things. Firstly, to complete the Australian Institute of Professional Photography's Mentor Program with Jennie Groom, who is a fantastic mentor. Secondly, to leave the comfort of a full time permanent administration job to go out and work on my own with my business Elana Bailey Photography. Incredibly hard but rewarding and well worth it. I am much happier for it and it shows in my daily attitude and outlook on life. These are the two things that I am also most proud of, too. This is my life, this is my time. This is your life, this is your time. What are you proud of achieving in 2016?

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